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Top 4 single-story homes!

Traditional colonial houses in Kenya are often single-story with bags of character and charm! Today, we are looking at our top 4 single-story houses and the reasons why we think you will love them too!

Up first is this beautiful 3 bedroom cottage, nestled an Acacia thicket on the shores of Lake Naivasha. The rooms are designed to create a feeling of space and light. From every angle, you can see the gorgeous gardens. You’ll love the live-on verandah, overlooking the lake. It is the heart of the house and one of our favourite places to be. The single story has the effect of blending the cottage into the surroundings, making you feel part of the landscape.

Single story houses can often get a bad rep for being small and pokey. This next property is quite the opposite. You’ll love this beautiful thatched 3 bedroom house with a 2 bedroom cottage and a swimming pool is designed for family life. Positioned on a slight incline, the house looks out across the stunning rift valley. Filled with character and only an hour away from Nairobi, we think this is the perfect family holiday home!

Life at the beach is always more relaxed. We think there is nothing more relaxing than a holiday in a cool, Swahili-style, beach-front house with a swimming pool! The single-story main house is designed beautifully with two spacious bedrooms situated in their own private wings, either side of the main sitting room. This is the perfect design for those who want a little bit of quiet. Guests can enjoy their own separate 3 bedroom cottage, nestled in the trees on the right of the house.

Finally, bringing us back home to Nairobi is this charming 2 bedroom garden cottage rental. Living in a one-story house in the city has the added benefit of making its inhabitants feel very safe and cosy, especially as there are a few other houses on the property. You’ll love the luscious¬†garden and idyllic location in Hardy.

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