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The coast is heaven over Christmas and here is why….

Palm trees, sea view and white beaches are always the recipe for a relaxing holiday… but for Christmas??? We traditionally associate Christmas with frosty mornings, cosy fires and blistering winds, so the idea of heading to the beach seems a bit “out there”.

But after you have had a beach Christmas you may find it very hard to go back! Imagine waking up on Christmas morning to the sounds of the waves, a light breeze, typical of this time of year, is gently blowing through the trees. The kids, of course, are already up and getting ready to jump into the pool for a Christmas swim!

The presents are pilled under an arty piece of driftwood, lovingly decorated earlier that week.

With the sun shining through the house, you will be tempted to head to the beach for a swim, goggling or perhaps have a go at some water sports. The warm weather is perfect for a day of family fun!

By mid-day, everyone is hungry for a light, fresh Christmas lunch on the verandah or by the pool. No more slaving in the kitchen producing a piping hot feast!

The afternoon brings a certain calmness that only a beach holiday can bring. The kids are busy playing with their new toys, while you relax with a glass of bubbles, Pimms or a cold glass of wine.

With a sigh, you’ll think to yourself, it’s going to be a good year!

We have a large portfolio of stunning beach houses. If you would like to spend more Christmases are the coast- get in touch.

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