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Keep your tenants happy and improve your rental the easy way

Rentals, langata link real estate, expert, adviceHeather Lawrence is the founder of not only Property Link Africa (now
Langata Link Real Estate) but also Langata Link Essentials and Langata Link Holidays.

Heather has returned to the company as a consultant for Langata Link Real Estate, bringing years of experience and knowledge about all things real estate.

Dear Heather,
I am a landlord with two houses on the property ready to rent BUT each time someone comes round, they always say they are very interested but never come back. The houses are small 2 and 3 bedroomed guesthouses. How can I rectify this? –
Billy, Nairobi

Heather: You have to ask the agent to enquire from the client, why they are not taking your house – is it the price? Is it too dark? is it too old-fashioned? is there anything else you would like us to add? Obviously, you will go the extra mile if you feel the client is worth it and you will get on well together.


I did that and the kitchen was the main problem as it was functional but not conducive to friends and family sitting around the table whilst cooking and they were not sure if you would allow them to do anything to improve it. They also felt they wanted more space like a store and a garage.

Heather: So for this, you as the Landlord must be very open when showing your house and say that you realise the client might want to change things and they were perfectly able to do this but just pass it by you first. However, if you feel you would like to do the changes, this may well be worth your while as you could charge a little extra rent for them to move in already done? A spot of paint – usually white – always gives a fresh new look. Putting up a store and garage is not an expensive exercise in Kenya and if this enhances your rent, you could do this yourself. Even if they left, the rent achieved would be more than the initially requested one. If it were the price that was causing the problem, you should have another conversation with your agent and see what he/she suggests.