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As a non-citizen, can I buy land in Kenya?

In Kenya, there is a lot of confusion about buying land as a non-citizen. Can you buy residential properties or land? If so for how long? Read on to find the answers.

The provisions of law regulating landholding by non-citizens are found in the Constitution of Kenya, the Lands Act (Act No. 6 of 2012) and the Land Registration Act (Act No. 3 of 2012). This states non-citizens can only own land for a maximum period of 99 years.


So yes, under the Kenyan Law non-citizens can own land under a 99-year leasehold tenure. This, therefore, means that if a foreigner purchases a property held under a freehold title, it will immediately revert to a long-term 99-year leasehold tenure. When a leasehold title expires, the Land Commission office shall offer the immediate owner the rights to be allocated the land provided it is not required by the national or the county government for public purposes.

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