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How did Hardy go from being wild and under-developed to a retail hot spot?

Owned by a man called Colonel Hardy during the early 20th century, the area was originally a Robusta coffee farm rivalling the neighbouring Karen Blixen Coffee Farm. Colonel Hardy owned all the water rights for that area, giving him a certain advantage over coffee production.

It seems like only yesterday that Hardy was known as the beautiful but slightly wild cousin of Karen. I am sure we can all remember the pokey convenience shop opposite the post office there, with its limited stock and limp vegetables. Maybe it is just my nostalgic memory, but they always seemed to have a great selection of ice cream and sweeties, however!

With its proximity to the main international schools in the area and its authentic Kenyan charm, the area was still incredibly popular with homeowners and renters alike but it lacked basic infrastructure and its own personal flair.
Shopping trips meant trecking to Karen Provision Stores (luckily then the traffic was better) and there was nowhere to meet friends for a drink or a nice meal nearby, making it quite a disjointed community.
This all changed as Karen became more and more developed, pushing up land prices. People started to move to the greener pastures of neighbouring Hardy.
There was now demand for a new shopping and office spaces. The gleaming new Hardy Post with its shopping centre, modern hair salon, dance studio, cafe and neighbouring office block, have given Hardy a well needed beating heart.
The area is quickly becoming one of the most sought-after places to live in its own right.
The residents of Hardy can now enjoy easy access to the 6 high profile schools within the area and with improved Langata Road, accessibility to the CBD and the Southern Bypass has made travel easier for all!
What draws you to Hardy?

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